16 February 2013


by John G. Neihardt (New York: Washington Square Press, 1972),
originally published in 1932.

Chapter 2: Early Boyhood
I was four years old then, and I think it must have been the next summer that I first heard the voices. It was a happy summer and nothing was afraid, because in the Moon When the Ponies Shed (May) word came from the Wasichus [the White Men] that there would be peace and that they would not use the road any more and that all the soldiers would go away. The soldiers did go away and their towns were torn down; and in the Moon of Falling Leaves (November), they made a treaty with Red Cloud that said our country would be ours as long as grass should grow and water flow. You can see that it is not the grass and the water that have forgotten.

Maybe it was not this summer when I first heard the voices, but I think it was, because I know it was before I played with bows and arrows or rode a horse, and I was out playing alone when I heard them. It was like somebody calling me, and I thought it was my mother, but there was nobody there. This happened more than once, and always made me afraid, so that I ran home.

It was when I was five years old that my Grandfather made me a bow and some arrows. The grass was young and I was horseback. A thunder storm was coming from where the sun goes down, and just as I was riding into the woods along a creek, there was a kingbird sitting on a limb. This was not a dream, it happened. And I was going to shoot at the kingbird with the bow my Grandfather made, when the bird spoke and said: "The clouds all over are one-sided." Perhaps it meant that all the clouds were looking at me. And then it said: "Listen! A voice is calling you!" Then I looked up at the clouds, and two men were coming there, headfirst like arrows slanting down; and as they came, they sang a sacred song and the thunder was like drumming. I will sing it for you. The song and the drumming were like this:

Behold, a sacred voice is calling you;
All over the sky a sacred voice is calling.

I sat there gazing at them, and they were coming from the place where the giant lives (north). But when they were very close to me, they wheeled about toward where the sun goes down, and suddenly they were geese. Then they were gone, and the rain came with a big wind and a roaring. I did not tell this vision to any one. I liked to think about it, but I was afraid to tell it.

-Black Elk

22 January 2013

Review SPIRIT SEEKER By Remy Benoit


Jamie Haden: Spirit Seeker

By Remy Benoit

Spirit Seeker is an enchanted, beautiful book.
It has been several weeks since I finished Spirit Seeker and I have been walking around with it in my head, thinking of Talisa and the world she is beginning to walk her path in. It has been half a century since I was Talisa's age, but I do recall searching at sixteen for the place that I fit in, could say it was a place that I belonged. I did find that, but not at sixteen.
Perhaps that is why I have been, well, holding Talisa in my heart because I find that I rejoice in her beginning her journey in finding her roots, in finding her love, at the same time that I react to her as a mother and find myself mentally saying to her: "Tread softly, tread slowly, there is joy to be found; there is experience to be found; there are undreamed of depths to begin to excavate, but, well, I hold a sense of trepidation for you. Again, tread softly, tread slowly. There is light here, but also there is darkness for which you have not yet been prepared."
Talisa is walking on a path, being exposed to a path of the old ways; ways tied to nature, to nature's forces, her secrets, and her mysteries. As the daughter of a daughter of a shaman of the desert, Talisa's path is water. She begins to walk the path of the spirits, one that takes great training which she has not had. She is mesmerized, hypnotized, and yes, in love with Jag who can onlyth, I have walked around as a mother worried for Talisa, wanting her to follow her path, wanting her to, yes, tread softly, tread slowly.
I am ready now to continue this journey with Talisa in Illuminate-Alive, She Cried. Somehow I feel I should be there for her which is a sign of truly wonderful story telling.
Ms. Haden has caught my heart in this truly enchanted tale.
Spirit Seeker.

12 December 2012

Page Turner Book Tours Presents...The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson


The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson
Blurb: Once upon a time, there was a sixteen year-old girl that lost both her parents under unusual circumstances. Abrianna was lonely and found some comfort in the arms of her boyfriend, Michael. Life turned grim when she realizes that a man, who was once the enforcer of fate, wanted her to die. The disgraced enforcer had taken great steps to ensure Abrianna’s death and planned to do this by enlisting the help of humans and creatures without their knowledge. Evil had washed over the land the humans named Dainesville. Abrianna had the power to heal the land and when she did she would return prosperity to the lives of the townspeople. When the time came for Abrianna to stand alongside her half-brother, Stephen, to fight the coming evil she did so without hesitation. Life ended. Darkness fell. Love faded. The End?



Bio: Sonya was born in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica but moved to Canada eleven years ago. She discovered writing when she was eleven. However, was unable to pursue it since she lived in a country where writing was impractical. She rediscovered the art during third year at York University. Kinesiology, the program she was enrolled in, was no longer simulating and found herself questioning her purpose in life. This led her to poetry and poetry led her to writing novels.

14 November 2012

Gratitude Giveaway Hop 2012

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop
Hosted by I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
November 15th to 25th

This is a No-Strings attached hop and a big way for me to say Thank You to all my followers.

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I will be giving a copy of my novel, Illuminate-Alive, She Cried. Winners may choose Epub for Nook e-readers, PDF for computer and other devices, and a PRC or MOBI file for Kindle e-reading devices.

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Native American Romance
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10 November 2012

Spotlight: Falling Innortality Casey Holden, Private Investigator by Robert Downs

Casey Holden,
Private Investigator
by Robert Downs

Title Details and Description—
Publisher: Rainbow Books, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1-56825-126-4
Publication date: August 2011
Category: detective fiction
Suggested BISAC Codes:
FIC022010 FICTION / Mystery & Detective / Hard-
FIC050000 FICTION / Crime
Pages: 225
Binding: perfect-bound trade softcover
Trim size: 5.5 by 8.5 inches
Back Matter: Next-in-series teaser
Price: $16.95
Falling Immortality—
Debut, hard-boiled mystery fiction for men. Stephen King's son

describes a fitting genre as MANfiction (the opposite of
Chick lit). Casey Holden, former cop, current PI in Virginia
Beach, VA, screens his clients the way he screens his women,
based on whichever drop-dead gorgeous woman happens to
waltz through his door first and manages to hold his attention.
So when Felicity Farren, widow-at-large, struts into his office
asking him to solve the two-year-old murder of her husband
Artis, she intrigues him. When Casey starts digging, he learns
the murder isn’t what it seems to be and he doesn’t have a
big enough shovel to unearth the truth. And to top it all off,
his former rival at the police department, Greg Gilman, is
determined to disrupt his investigation. Casey's challenge is
to learn what really happened to Artis, and why Gilman can’t
seem to remove his head from his butt. And he’ll need all of
his wits to complete the task.

Prepublication Endorsements—
“Think of Mike Hammer. Then think of James Bond (as
portrayed in the films, not the one in the books). Merge them
into a single character and you have Casey Holden, PI. Add a
plot that could have come from the pen of Mickey Spillane.
A cold case, sexy women, and dialog that races along like
Holden’s Viper—fast, flashy, and eye-popping.
is, for fans of macho, slick talking, wise cracking
sleuths, a must read.”
—Frederick Ramsay, author of the Ike Schwartz mysteries
“Meet Casey Holden, former cop, now a PI facing the most
dangerous combination that can confront a shamus: a beautiful
woman with secrets and hard men who don’t want him to
find them. Like a post-modern Mike Hammer, Holden doesn’t
lack self-confidence or the quick comeback — or the tendency
to find trouble. Robert Downs’ debut novel, Falling Immortality,
skillfully tips its fedora at the hard-boiled mystery
genre. It’s fast-paced, tightly structured and keeps you
guessing until the end. This will be a writer and series to
—Jon Talton, author of the David Mapstone Mysteries and
the Cincinnati Casebooks
“Rob Downs has created the classic, basically ‘good man’, in
a sometimes very wicked world. An original, very vivid
journey through society’s weakness and perversity. Casey
Holden is an excellent Virgil to this modern underworld. The
characters are fully fleshed, the dialogue sharp and racy.

Falling Immortality
is a superb read. A real enjoyment.”
—Paul Doherty, author of
the Hugh Corbett Medieval Mystery series and
The Sorrowful Mysteries of Brother Athelstan series
“A ribald joyride with a wise-cracking PI and a bevy of
— Gerald Elias, author of
Danse Macabre

Distribution Details—
Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Book Clearing House, Brodart, misc.
jobbers and specialty catalogers, the Amazon.com Advantage
Program, and many others. A Kindle and ePub are also being
created for release on pub date.
About the Author: Robert Downs—
Robert aspired to be a writer before he realized how difficult
the writing process was. Fortunately, he’d already fallen in
love with the craft, otherwise Casey might never have seen
print. Originally from West Virginia, Robert has lived in
Virginia, Massachusetts, and now resides in New Mexico.
About Rainbow Books, Inc.—
Rainbow Books, Inc., is a 32-year-old publisher of mystery
fiction, and self-help and how-to nonfiction. Rainbow Books,
Inc. is a house member of the Association of American
Publishers (AAP) and a
founding house member of the Florida
Publishers Association (FPA). Rainbow’s publisher is Betty
Wright, and its marketing contact is Betsy Lampe.

Rainbow Books, Inc.
POB 430, Highland City, FL 33846-0430
(863) 648-4420, Fax: (863) 647-5951
RBIbooks@aol.com, www.RainbowBooksInc.com

02 November 2012

el Día de los Muertos: Legend of the Three Deaths


                                                 el Día de los Muertos 

November 2, Los Dias de Los Muertos, is a time for remembering family and friends.

The Legend of Three Deaths, retold on the website Latino.com by Victor Landa, from San Antonio, TX.

Landa quotes the legend, "In our tradition, people die three deaths. The first death is when our bodies cease to function; when our hearts no longer beat of their own accord, when our gaze no longer has depth or weight, when the space we occupy slowly loses its meaning.

The second death comes when the body is lowered into the ground, returned to mother earth, out of sight.

The third death, the most definitive death, is when there is no one left alive to remember us."

Source: Link: http://www.mexconnect.com/articles/1427-los-dias-de-los-muertos-the-days-of-the-dead

He spake well who said that graves are the footprints of angels.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 

01 November 2012

Happy All Saints’ Day

Known as “Lily of the Mohawks,” Kateri Tekakwitha, a 17th Century Mohawk Indian, is the first Native American Indian Saint.
As St. Francis of Assisi, Saint Kateri is the patroness of the environment and ecology.


29 October 2012

VERA by Jamie Leigh Haden is now in print. POST-EXPERIMENTALISM is released today!

It is officially official~ The world’s first issue of Post-Experimental fiction is here!

Get your print copy here: Print
Or your digital copy here: Digital

"The first-ever collection of Post-Experimental fiction presented by Bartleby Snopes and featuring stories and artwork from Jacob M Appel, Andrew Battershill, Justin Bostian, CS DeWildt, Barbara Westwood Diehl, Jacqueline Doyle, Joachim Frank, Jamie Leigh Haden, Christopher James, Hall Jameson, Len Kuntz, Andrea Mason, Leland Neville, Uzodinma Okehi, Stephen V Ramey, Lauren Stone, Edward Trefts, and Sandra Yagi" -Bartleby Snopes

22 October 2012

Author Kimberly Lewis - Guest Post, Interview and Much More

Book Title: Zane
Series Title: The McKades of Texas
Book Number in Series: #1
Genre: Western Contemporary Romance
Book Content: Curse words used throughout entire novel, mild violence and some sexual situations (not recommended for readers under the age of 18)

Synopsis of Zane:

Kellan Anderson is in hillbilly hell—or at least that’s what it feels like. After enduring endless accounts of abuse from her now ex-boyfriend, Kellan makes a run for her life and finds herself in cowboy country. Leaving her fancy clothes and expensive lifestyle behind her, she trades in her high heels for cowboy boots and changes her name to Andi Ford. With her painful past threatening to catch up with her, hiding out in this small town seems easy enough – until one blonde hair, blue eyed cowboy steps in the picture.
Zane McKade has sworn off women, determining that they are all liars and cheats—including the new waitress at the local bar. After a rather unpleasant first encounter with the beautiful brunette, Zane’s radar is set to high as he believes this woman is not who she claims to be. When his intimidation methods fail to break through Andi’s barrier he decides to turn on the charm to get her to tell the truth. But Zane’s plan begins to backfire as the more time he spends charming Andi, the more he finds himself breaking his own rules and falling for her.
Excerpt from Zane:

Kellan saw the man coming her way and a nervous feeling began to grow in the pit of her stomach. She hadn’t noticed it when he rode up, but he was incrediblygood looking. The man had to be a least six two, with long muscular legs leading up to narrow hips that angled into a very masculine upper body. He looked like an athlete. He looked…solid. And although his pale blue shirt was soaked with sweat, it somehow added to his overall appeal. He stopped at her table and glared at her. Only then did she realize that this man was not coming over for friendly chit-chat and her mood shifted.
“Is that your red sports car out there?” Zane asked, tilting his head and jerking his thumb towards the parking lot.
“Yes,” Kellan told him. What’s it to you? She stared up at him, waiting for him to continue. But when he just stared back, his deep blue eyes shooting daggers at her, she decided enough was enough. “Is there something I can help you with?”
Zane’s jaw flexed. “You could have four miles ago.”
“What?” She was utterly confused as to what mileage had to do with his apparent anger towards her.
“I don’t look familiar to you?” He stared at her, his eyebrows coming together in frustration.
She looked the man over from head to toe. “No, I’m sorry you don’t.”
Zane let out an exasperated sigh. “How about now?” He raised his arms above his head and waved them just like he had done when he was trying to flag her down.
He looked completely ridiculous and she fought back the urge to laugh at him. But the more she looked at him she realized that he did look strangely familiar. Oh my… He was the man on the side of the road next to the pickup truck just outside of town.
“Oh,” Kellan said. “Yes, I do remember you now. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you with your shirt on.” She loaded her voice with sarcasm and crossed her arms over her chest. If he was going to have an attitude with her, then she was going to give it right back.
Zane’s eyes narrowed. “Well, would you care to explain why you just blew past me like that?”
Kellan laughed, quietly as to not draw attention. “Why did I blow past you? Hmm, let me think. Um, maybe it has to do with the fact that you were partially naked and in the middle of nowhere.”
Well damn. He hadn’t thought about that. He’d been all riled up thinking that some guy just ignored him. Now, thinking about it from her perspective, he could see why she didn’t pull over to help him. As it was though, his built up anger from everything that had transpired today got the best of him and he continued with his rant.
“I was not half naked,” he said, his voice low as he briefly glanced around the room to see if anyone could hear them speaking.
“Look, cowboy.” She said the word as though it were an insult and not an affirmation of what he obviously was. “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day, but don’t come over here and take it out on me. I had a good reason for not stopping earlier and I’m not going to apologize for looking after my own safety. You could’ve been a murderer for all I knew.”
Zane knew that he should just man up and walk away, but he just couldn’t do that now after her snarky “cowboy” remark. Why’d she have to go and say it like that anyway?
“Look, princess,” he said with the same tone she had used. “This ain’t Hollywood. Take your sunglasses off. You’re inside and you look like a damn fool.”
Kellan’s jaw fell in disbelief.
Zane smiled, feeling triumphant that he got in the last word. He turned and started to walk away from her.
“Screw you, cowboy!” she yelled after him, saying the word exactly as she had before. “And that horse you rode in on.”
And—Whoops!—now everyone in the diner had turned to look at them.
Zane turned around to face her with amusement on his face. “Very original, princess.”
Authors That Have Inspired Me by Kimberly Lewis

I have always had a love of writing but it wasn’t until about two years ago that I was truly inspired to take that step and actually write my first novel. This all started after a friend of mine let me borrow a contemporary romance novel of hers. I was a bit skeptical to actually read a contemporary romance because, up until that point, I had never read one. The only books I had been interested in were historical. But I read it and absolutely loved it—and if you’re curious about the book it was “Infamous” by Suzanne Brockmann. So after I read that, I fell in love with the contemporary world of romance and my friend let me borrow a western contemporary series by Carolyn Brown. And this is what sparked my inspiration to write my own novel. I love the amount of mystery and action that Ms. Brockmann adds in her novels. And as for Ms. Brown, I love the way her characters come to life. So I took those two elements and created my own story, which resulted in my very first novel When the Heart Falls. As I continue to read, I find that more and more authors are becoming an inspiration to me. Joanne Kennedy’s western novels are the perfect combination of love, sexy, and suspense. I just love her work, as well as Ms. Brockmann’s and Ms. Brown’s, and can only hope to one day be as great as they are.

About the Author:

In November of 2011, author Kimberly Lewis stepped into the writing world with her first original western contemporary romance novel, When the Heart Falls.

Born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, this country girl at heart caught the creative bug at an early age, doing everything from drawing to writing short stories. 

After the birth of her son, Kimberly found the inspiration to pick up a pen, or in this case a laptop, and began writing her first novel. Since then she has continued to write and credits her husband, Rob, and her wonderfully crazy family, who with their love and joking demeanor provide her with the ideas that inspire her novels. 

In her spare time she enjoys reading, horseback riding, and spending time with her amazing family.

Oct 22nd Interview – Kimberly Lewis
Where were you born and where do you call home?
I was born and raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. To this day I still live there and have never lived anywhere else.
As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
This changed so much as I grew up but always revolved around art. A few of them that I can remember are an illustrator, a graphic designer and at one point I wanted to work for Disney and make movies:-)
 What does your family think of your writing?
Oh they love it of course:-) They think it’s great that I’ve found something that I enjoy doing and they are all so supportive.
Give us three random facts about you. Be creative. Tell us about your first job, the
inspiration for your writing, any fun details you feel like sharing.
My first real job was working at an animal hospital. I was a teenager so the only “jobs” I was allowed to do was clean up after the animals, feed them, mop the floors and laundry. So glamorous:-)
The inspiration for my writing just comes from my love of romance (movies and books). People falling in love and living happily ever after is one of my favorite things.
And a totally random fact about me is that I have never been off of the east coast of the United States. The farthest inland I have been is Pennsylvania. It’s not that I don’t want to travel our country and see what’s out there. I just haven’t had the opportunity yet.
 How many books have you written?
Well, I’ve completed two and I have many more that are still in the works.
Which one is your favorite?
Aw this is like asking which one of your children you like best, lol. If I have to pick which one I like the most I’m going to have to go with my newest novel, Zane. I had to step out of my comfort zone a little bit for this one and I think it’s helped me grow as an author.
Who is your favorite character?
As far as male characters go, it’s a tie between Zane and Luke—Zane because he’s the most level headed of the two, sweet and sexy, and Luke because he’s funny and just so darn charming.
And for female characters I’m going to go with Aunt Belle. She’s that no nonsense, say whatever is on your mind kind of woman.
Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?
Well I’m a self-published author so I can tell you a little bit about my adventures with that. When I realized that I wanted to take writing seriously and wanted other people to read my work I started looking into what it took to get published. I researched tons of publishing houses, agents, etc and then came across an article about self-publishing. I’m a bit of a control freak so I decided that the self-publishing route was best for me (for now). I didn’t want to hand over my book and not have any control over what stayed and what went, or not get to have any involvement in the cover art. Being self-published means I get to control all of that and that’s what I’m most comfortable with.
 What advice would you give to those in search of a publisher? Things to be wary of,
things they should expect, etc.?
I would advise anyone who is interested in publishing their work (whether they decide to go through a publisher or not) to take the time and do your research to see which route is best for you. Don’t rush into anything. It may be exciting to publish your first piece of work, but make sure you are doing what’s best for you.
 What marketing avenues have you found work best for you?
Virtual book tours are awesome. I love doing them and they give you a chance to expand your reach by visiting many different sites to showcase your work. That and you get to meet a lot of really cool people.
 Have you written a book you love that has not gained the reviews you expected?
I really loved my first book, When the Heart Falls, and it got quite a few negative reviews—mainly because it was poorly edited (at first—I had it re-edited in February of this year). If I could go back I would have done things different and maybe, just maybe, the majority of those poor reviews wouldn’t be there.
What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best
Any negative review is tough criticism, but you just have to take it and learn from it. Do I like getting negative reviews? Not so much. But I take their criticism and turn it into a learning experience. The best compliment I’ve received? I love it when readers take the time to message me on facebook, twitter or send me an email telling me how much they loved my novel. It literally makes my day when that happens:-)
 Where do you get your inspiration/ideas?
 Music really inspires me. I am a huge country music fan and a lot of the time when I’m listening to the radio I’ll hear a song and all of a sudden I’ll just see this scene play out in my head—kind of like a movie with the song playing in the background of the scene. I write that down the first chance I get and build the rest of the story around it.
Do you ever experience the dreaded writer’s block?
 Ugh... Yes. And I hate it. It’s such a horrible feeling to have this idea in your head and you can’t figure out a way to execute it. There have been many times where I’ll write thousands of words and then just scrap the whole mess because it was horrible, did nothing for the story, or I just hated it.
Do you work with an outline, or just write?
Both really. I do an outline just so I can get my ideas in place and know where I want the story to go. But as I write I change things up along the way, so my story never turns out the way it was originally planned.
What is your work schedule like when you're writing?
Crazy:-) I have a day job, I’m a wife, a mother and a pet owner so all of those things come before writing. I try to write as often as I can but the majority of my writing takes place late at night and on the weekends, preferably when everyone in the house is asleep.
Do you prefer a laptop, desktop, or good old pen and paper?
 I prefer a desktop but only have a laptop as of right now. Pen and paper? No thanks. LOL. I have no patience for that and you can tell by my handwriting. I’ve done the whole pen and paper thing for certain scenes (like when I’m away from my laptop and an idea springs in my head that I have to write down or I’ll forget it). But then later when I go to type my “notes” I have to re-read my sentences over and over again because I can’t tell what the heck I wrote.
What are the challenges in bringing a story to life?
Keeping things interesting. You’ve got to make sure everything you are coming up with isn’t going to bore the reader to the point where they just want to put the book down and never return. I mean, no one wants to read five pages of what a room looks like. Yea those details are great to have, but I care more about what’s going on with the characters than which wall the sofa was placed against.
What genre(s) do you consider your books?
I consider them western contemporary romance.
Have you ever hated something you wrote?
Oh yea. The first novel I attempted was geared towards young adults and delved into the paranormal world. I enjoy reading those novels... But writing them? Yea, I’m no good at it:-) I hated the book so much I deleted everything I wrote.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in any of your books?
Oh of course I would. I can’t really think of any specifics right now but I know there are certain scenes that I know I could go back and tweak them to make them better.
What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day of writing?
Doing anything that doesn’t require me to think and most of the time that results in me just lounging on my sofa in my comfy clothes watching mindless television. I’m a sucker for shows on The Food Network and E!
 Will you have a new book coming out soon? If so, what is it about?
Well, the next book I have coming out is Norah. It’s the second book in my McKades of Texas series. I’ve just started working on it but I’m hoping things will go smoothly and I’m shooting for a spring/summer release.
 What advice would you give to aspiring writers on how to better themselves?
Take criticism willingly. Yea some of the things people say aren’t always the nicest, but if you take their negative comments and focus on them in a positive way you can improve yourself as a writer.
What famous author(s) would you most like to meet?
I love Joanne Kennedy and Carolyn Brown, so meeting them would be awesome!
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
Oh yea. In the past year I’ve become a fan of Cait Lavendar and her shape shifter novels...which I’m anxiously waiting for the next book since her first one left us with a cliffhanger. Tracey Garvis-Graves, author of On the Island, is another one that I’m looking forward to reading more of. I’m in love with MK McClintock’s Gallagher series. And I just finished reading Family Ties by Krista Kedrick and I really enjoyed her writing style.
List 3 books you recently read and would recommend?
Only 3? Oh man, let’s see... On the Island by Tracey Garvis-Graves, Gallagher’s Hope by MK McClintock, and Cowboy Crazy by Joanne Kennedy.
 What kind of films do you enjoy?
Romantic comedies or just plain old comedies mostly, but I do enjoy a good drama or action flick from time to time.
What kind of music do you listen to?
Country music is my favorite, but I’ll listen to anything as long as it’s got a good beat and doesn’t put me to sleep...or make me want to rip out my eardrums:-)
What television shows are a “must-see” for you?
I love Modern Family and another one I’ve recently got into is Revolution. I’m also really into—don’t make fun of me—Married to Jonas. LOL.
How many U.S. states have you visited?
I can think of 5: New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida.
Of all the places you’ve traveled, where is your favorite?
I absolutely love New York. I don’t think I’d want to live there but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit again.
What is the longest flight you’ve ever been on?
Well, the only flight I’ve ever been on was to Key West, Florida and that was back in 2007 for my honeymoon. I want to say the total air time was 3-4 hours long going there and then the same on the way back. We had to stop in Fort Lauderdale and then travel to Key West in a plane the size of a pack of gum. I have a fear of flying so seeing this rinky-dink little plane did not help calm my nerves. The flight to Key West on the tiny plane wasn’t bad, but on the way home from Key West we hit a storm and a lot of turbulence. I seriously thought we were going to die...but thankfully we didn’t. And I haven’t been on a place since we set foot back in Maryland:-)
Describe yourself in five words.
Kind, caring, funny, sarcastic, and creative.
What is your best characteristic?
My kindness.
What is your worst characteristic?
I’d have to say my kindness again—only because I can be too nice sometimes when the situation calls for me to be...not so nice.
What are the most important life lessons you've learned?
One of the most important life lessons I’ve learned is also one of my favorite quotes:
“It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us family”
(I saw this on a website when I was trying to find a quote for my cousin’s adoption tattoo, but the original quote is “...father’s and son’s” in place of “...family” and it’s by Friedrich Schiller).
Basically I’ve learned that just because you share the same genes with someone doesn’t make you “family”.
What is the key to happiness and/or success?
Don’t sweat the small stuff. Today may suck but tomorrow’s another day and you have total control over the outcome. What you do with it is your choice.
If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see play you?
Oh my life is sooooo not movie worthy. LOL. I had no idea how to answer this question so I asked a friend of mine and she said Jessica Biel. But if I had to pick an actress to play me I’d probably choose Katherine Heigl.
Are you a beach, country or city person?
Country first, then beach, then city. I like them all but prefer them in that order:-)
If money was no object and you had the opportunity to buy anything in the world no
matter the cost, what would it be?
I would buy a horse ranch in Texas, but I’d try to find one that was somewhat close to the ocean because that’s my hubby’s dream—to one day live near the beach.
Where can your readers stalk you?